Thursday, August 20, 2009

Phentermine Online Without Prescription Buy Now

Brand Name: Is available in more than 20 brand names including Ionamin and Adipex-P
Medical Name: Phentermine
Type: Prescription
Parent Drug Class: Amphetamine and Phenethylamine

Phentermine – Functionality
Phentermine controls the increasing weight by suppressing the hunger for food. This is achieved by altering the chemical levels in brain. These chemicals or neurochemicals are responsible for controlling mood or appetite. Phentermine performs dual action by speeding up the calorie-burning process as well.

Phentermine – Efficiency
Is Phentermine effective? Study has revealed that Phentermine reduces 8lb/day more than other weight-control medications. The drug was tested along with a placebo for 13 weeks. It has also been observed that better results can be achieved by bringing a change in the lifestyle too. More exercise and healthy diet along with the medication helps you shed those extra pounds fast.