Monday, July 13, 2009

Causes Of Yeast Infection To Be Aware Of With Your Baby

5 Causes Of Yeast Infection To Be Aware Of With Your Baby
Upon having a baby you are bound to worry about its health. Everything from a common cold to the flu to pneumonia will be on your mind. However, something that can arise with your baby is a yeast infection. Here are five causes of yeast infection to help you better understand how it can come about with your newborn.

2. Antibiotics
Although you cannot always get around using antibiotics, they can become one of the causes of yeast infection. While it is beneficial in treating a bacterial infection in your baby’s nose or throat, these antibiotics are going to spread throughout the entire body. Because of this, normal bacteria throughout the body can be killed off thus leading to a yeast infection. It is important you try to limit the amount of antibiotics given to your child as much as possible.

3. Sugar and sweets
There are a number of reasons why you want to avoid giving your children sugar and sweets including the fact that it can build up yeast in the body. Yeast’s main growing food is sugar and by feeding your body with a diet high in sugar or sweets, you are simply feeding the yeast leading to an infection.

4. Birth
Sometimes the causes of yeast infection are not always preventable. Some newborns are exposed to the infection at birth since many moms develop an infection during pregnancy because of hormone changes. As the newborn is delivered, they are stressed out and have an immature immune system as is. These are all the breeding grounds for a yeast infection.