Friday, June 15, 2012

Fireworks Sale Online

During the thirteenth century, an explorer Marco Polo introduced Chinese gunpowder to the Europeans. Europeans concentrated more on the military uses of this gunpowder. They started making rockets, canons and guns. From the fifteenth century, fireworks were used to celebrate victory in a war. It was the Italians who started developing fireworks from black powder. They used their creativity and developed fireworks as an art form. Through the centuries, fireworks underwent many changes. While Italy concentrated on developing stunning firework displays, Germans were into scientific advancement. Fireworks became popular in England

Italians added powdered metal and charcoal to military rockets and made fireworks with golden and silver colored sparks. They also made aerial shells, which could go up in the air and burst into an array of colors. They also produced a slow-burning gunpowder mix, which could be put in an open-ended tube to create a shower of multi-colored sparks, when lit. Rocket engines were used to rotate wheel-like frames for circular sparks.

Italy made a significant contribution to the introduction of colors to fireworks. Till the nineteenth century, only orange, gold and silver colored fireworks were seen. In the 1830s, researchers added metallic salt and a chlorinated powder to the firework composition for obtaining various colors (Adding strontium gave red color, barium gave green, blue was obtained from copper and yellow from sodium). Potassium chlorate, pure magnesium and aluminium were also used for making brighter fireworks. Nowadays, researchers are concentrating on fireworks with less smoke and fumes. Since 2004, Disneyland, in California, started replacing gunpowder in fireworks with compressed air, and timers were employed to explode the shells.

Although, many countries have contributed more to the development of fireworks, China is the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world today. Researches for the advancement of fireworks continue, thus allowing us to expect better and more spectacular fireworks in future. originated in during the sixteenth century. Before the American revolution, people had started using fireworks. Officially, fireworks formed a part of the Independence Day celebrations of America in 1777. You can purchase wholesale fireworks for sale online.