Monday, October 30, 2006

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers
My tiny apartment looks so drab and dreary at times. I don't have many windows and the air doesn't circulate too much. As often as I can, I stop and get myself some fresh flowers to liven the place up. I never knew how therapeutic having fresh flowers can be. Suddenly, this tiny apartment has a light floral scent that entices all of the senses and it appears to be a little bit brighter. Plus, they make me smile whenever I walk into a room. I tend to put fresh flowers in my foyer and in my kitchen. Sometimes, if I'm in a really horrible mood, I'll put fresh flowers in my bedroom. I tend to vary what kind I purchase and the colors. Most of the time, it will depend on my mood.
There is a lovely meadow behind my apartment complex has the most beautiful wild flowers growing in the spring and early summer. I try to get some of those wild and fresh flowers for my house. Not only are they free but they are the most fragrant. I have to say though, that I often have to examine them very closely for any bugs that might decide to hitchhike into my house. I have had one too many bad bag experiences. Most of those fresh flowers are of varying purple shades. When they're in season, my entire apartment has some in every room. It helps to make the place seem so much more appealing.
Fresh flowers are not only a wonderful treat for yourself but make excellent gifts for others. They are easy to pick up and deliver in person. Whenever I visit my grandmother at her nursing home, I am certain that I have fresh flowers in my hand. The light in her eyes is all the thanks I could ever ask for. She will sit in her rocking chair and hold them for quite a while before putting them in water. I know that she just loves having them so close to her. If someone had a baby or has been ill, fresh flowers are sure to brighten their day and be appreciated. You truly cannot go wrong with fresh flowers, unless of course, some uninvited bug guests crawl out to say hello.
The best part about living in a major city is that fresh flowers can be found on almost every street. Vendors sell them, tiny markets always have them and even some restaurants will sell them to patrons. There is no excuse for not being able to find fresh flowers to put some sunshine in your life or someone else's. Put some in your home and see how therapeutic they truly are.