Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tattoo Books

I can't help but notice how our society plays follow the leader. If someone thinks that something is cool or hip, you'd better believe that someone else is going to follow suit. This is a basic human pattern or trait. Why else do you think tattoo books are so big these days? People want that stamp of approval. They want some ink stain on their flesh to remind them how common and trite they are. Oh wait, I think their reason for getting a tattoo is supposedly something else. Naa, it can't be. Too many people have them. So for all you individuals out there who thought body-art was unique, you'd better take another gander at today's society.
Oh brother, another guy with a tattoo just strolled past. How original! He took the road less traveled and had his ink job done on his arm. Is that original or what! Hey, and look, there's a girl with one on her lower back. That is certainly a new concept. I mean, I cannot recall the last time I spotted a chic with a tattoo on the small of her back. She must have one of those contemporary tattoo books or something giving her great ideas. Okay stop! This is clearly a sarcastic spiel. The truth is I've seen countless men with tattoos on their arms and women with tattoos on their lower backs. It's as redundant and conforming as it could possibly be. Although a tattoo may have stood for something in the past, it means nothing anymore. Who doesn't have one? Those are the unique few. When I was in college at Portland State University, I must have spotted a dozen different tattoos daily. I was starting to think that you had to brandish one to go to school there. Was there a massive sale on tattoo books at the school book store on day when I was absent? I was beginning to wonder. This body art in combination with the low-rider jeans girls wore was quite amusing. Somehow every tattoo had a vertical crack just below it. Go figure!
Okay, on a serious note; I realize that a great many people love body art and want some recent tattoo books for ideas. Well, if this is the case for you, then I suggest you get online and shop at This is one web-store that seems to have it all. Happy tattooing!