Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Diazepam Suppositories

Diazepam is a widely prescribed drug to relieve general anxiety disorders and is one of the most frequently used drugs to cure Alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Diazepam is also included in the ‘Essential Drug List’ released by World Health Organization as it relieves a wide spectrum of physical and psychiatric medical conditions. Diazepam is most commonly used to relieve anxiety, agitation, insomnia, seizures, muscle cramps, epilepsy, and Alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Diazepam is available in different forms such as tablets, capsules, suppositories, and liquid suspensions of varying dosages. Different forms are prescribed depending upon the lifestyle, the medical condition, and living conditions of the patient. Some forms are preferred over others in certain symptoms. This article discusses the diazepam usage with special reference to its suppository form. Learn more…

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